DEEP LISTENING is for anyone who wants to learn about the practice of experiencing heightened awareness of sound, silence and “sounding,” as developed by pioneering composer Pauline Oliveros.

DEEP LISTENING can enhance depth of practice for meditators, artists in their respective practices, teachers who want to encourage an appreciation of listening in their students, community organizers who want to foster an environment in which all group members are equally heard, and for anyone interested in creativity, well being, relaxation, excitement and connection with their immediate environment.

are for anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyplace - online or offline

Join the DEEP LISTENING PORTAL group on Facebook to create or join a study group to support your exploration of Deep Listening

Want to learn more about Deep Listening?
Go to the DEEP LISTENING PORTAL group’s Discussions tab to read introductory texts, and to find links to books and articles on Deep Listening history, theory and practice

Want to create or join a Deep Listening study group to support you in your explorations?
Create a new group by 1) sending a request to the DEEP LISTENING PORTAL group administrator, and then (once you’ve been made an administrator) 2) posting your study group as a continuing “Event” Find and join an existing group by “attending” their Event

Need study resources, ideas, or materials to structure and inspire your study group?
Under Discussions, find study guides, suggestions and strategies for different kinds of groups Find, also, links to Deep Listening scores and exercises, and to related artists and projects

Have articles, workshop outlines, ideas or anything else to contribute to our resources?
Please email Stephanie Loveless at

A few ways to start your DEEP LISTENING STUDY GROUP:
Get together with a few friends and begin - meet at regular times or whenever you wish or can!
Sit in your room and start on your own; a Listening Revelation!
Connect with listening explorers in other parts of the world!
Avail yourself of the Deep Listening Portal resources!
Contact us! A Deep Listening Certificate Holder qualified to teach a Deep Listening workshop may be available to assist a Deep Listening Study Group on request.

DEEP LISTENING CERTIFICATES: Deep Listening Certificate applicants may start a DIY Deep Listening Study Group toward partial completion of requirements for a Certificate. The Deep Listening Certificate program is also under revision to include Deep Listening Study Groups as well as shorter retreats (in person and online).

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