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15th Annual Dream Festival Tee Shirt

Special offer for Ione's 15th Annual Dream Festival Tee Shirt! 

Limited Supply.

Price: $12.00

Dreams of the Jungfrau


Written and directed by Ione
Music and sound design by Pauline Oliveros

Dreams of the Jungfrau is a 20 minute experimental narrative video, set in an art deco hotel high in the Swiss Alps, that tells the story of a contemporary music vocalist revisiting scenes that may have taken place in her past. It is also the story of the hotel, its many odd inhabitants, and the oracles that guide them. The story assembles and reassembles itself in the viewer’s consciousness, testing the parameters of memory and dream and raising issues of sexual identity and artistic rivalry along the way.

"Our Quiet Music Ensemble event went off very well, and Dreams... was awesome! :-) I'm particularly struck by the passage about taking away your beauty (even down to your beautiful bones): it's very powerful! ... Please also mention to Pauline how amazing the sound-track for that film is! The visual and auditory elements balance each other in an extraordinary way: it struck me more strongly than ever that the music speaks about something buried impenetrably deep in the emotional colour of the film, something that is never explicit, buried deep like trauma can be, and only ever really expressed through the unconscious." - John Godfrey, Artistic Director, Quiet Music Ensembl



Price: $20.00

Io and Her and the Trouble With Him

Ione & Oliveros

Io and Her and the Trouble With Him - A Dance - Opera in Primeval Time - DVD

Written and directed by Ione
Music and sound design by Pauline Oliveros

A collaborative venture among artists of all types, this “dance-opera” is a multimedia panorama of experimental theatre and technical virtuosity that includes aerial ballet, masks, video projection, a sinister thousand-eyed monster, and a highly imaginative electronic soundscape.

The one-act story, set in primeval time, retells the myth of Io from a matriarchal perspective. Io, Argivian priestess, is transformed by a terrible spell and roams the world, lovely but tormented. While enduring entrapment by Argus, the terrible monster, she is befriended by the brilliant Bird who helps her discover the key to her escape. Only upon her arrival in Khemt (Ancient Egypt) does she begin to understand the true mystery of what her journey has been about and its meaning for the future of the world.


Price: $15.00

Listening in Dreams


Listening in Dreams; A Compendium of Sound Dreams, Meditations And Rituals for Deep Dreamers
Plus This is a Dream! A Handbook for Deep Dreamers
Listening in Dreams is a Journey through the fascinating world of sound related dreams. It contains a fine selection of dreams and ways of working with dreams that will be helpful to all those interested in phenomena of the night. This double edition also contains an updated version of the popular This is a Dream! A Handbook for Deep Dreamers.


Price: $12.95

Nile Night

Here is the MP3 download version of the Nile Night CD which accompanies Ione's book Nile Night:Remembered Texts from the Deep.

'A sonic trace of collaborative performances with the composer Pauline Oliveros, recorded in the azure of Cassis, France, at the Camargo Foundation.'

Complete MP3 includes 15 Tracks:
Deep Listening
The First Night in Aswan - LISTEN
Gift in Upper Egypt
Your Beads
Locks of Esna
Edge of Dreams
Initiation Notes
Dear Thunder
Ferry Across the Nile
Stand Here
The Labyrinth
Lord Kitchener Smiles

Price: $9.99

Nile Night


Nile Night is a lovely new book of poems that also includes a cd of readings by Ione and music by Pauline Oliveros.

'Nile Night: Remembered Texts from the Deep' will move your mind with sounds, sensations and feelings; arousing your dreams and taking you far into that fabled land of Egypt. How fortunate for me that I shared one of these journeys with Ione and can find my own memories amplified as I dive into the depths of these writings. What an enrichment to have these poetic texts and to keep them close for reference. Ione will take you along with her and also give you space for yourself as you connect with these beautifully nuanced words." - Pauline Oliveros

"Beautifully interwoven- the transcendent and the immediate now, one informing the other - illuminating!" - Renko Dempster

"We read through some of your poetry, Ione, right away and were so thoroughly entranced. Arny said 'At last! A true dreamer in this world!' And Amy was floating on the Nile with you, entranced and deeply moved by your beautiful imagery and feeling. Now we just heard the CD – and feel so stoned that we can hardly talk! Thank you for your representations of the quantum world with your words and music -- filling the atmosphere of our home with such awesome beauty. What you two do is so intimate, so real, and communicates so directly. Just amazing. We’ll be dreaming and talking about this for a long time." - Amy and Arny Mindell


Price: $27.50

Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being- An Anthology of Women's Mysteries

Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being- An anthology of Women's Mysteries

Edited by IONE
Deep Listening /M.o.M. Publications

Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being is a stirring collection featuring the fresh voices of eighteen members of an international Women's Mysteries community. The reader travels with these fascinating women through intimate spaces and territories ranging from the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the shores of Long Island to Egypt, South America, Canada, Italy and the heart of Native America.

Along the way we experience the potency of Yoruba ritual, the deepest grief of loss, the awakening of creativity and life purpose,the renewal of resolve and the transcendence of life threatening illness.

​In these pages, feelings, dreams, memories emerge illuminating the often harrowing process of "Spell Breaking" that can lead to a special kind of satisfaction, the remembering of deep and essential "ways of being".

"Ione’s Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being is exactly that!! Ione is a “spell breaker".
She leads us into deeper realities to help us realize our true nature. Through the stories of many women, Ione reminds us all of our awesome ancient mystery potential. In this way, she breaks age old social spells that have inhibited us, and thereby creates new communities. We loved reading the inspiring stories of freedom." - Amy and Arny Mindell, ​Process Work Center, Portland, Oregon

Ebook available through Amazon

Price: $25.00

This is a Dream! A handbook for deep dreamers


Dreams are available to all of us. Dreams are not only free, but they represent the most palpable proof that we ourselves are free. They help us to unfold the stories and feelings that are important to our well being in the world. We find when we share dreams with friends, family, lovers, even without knowing at the outset what they "mean," that the intimacy we long for is suddenly available to us. We have but to ay attention to our dreams, to listen deeply to what they have to tell us, to reveal ourselves to ourselves by becoming Deep Dreamers we are put in contact with what Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche calls our own basic goodness. When we explore the "Dream of Reality and the Reality of the Dream" we begin to experience ourselves as an integral part of the dreaming universe." - Ione


Price: $12.00