Ximena Alarcon - Networked migrations: listening to and performing the “in-between” space

David Arner - Birdsong and Beyond: The Spectrogram as Score

Bill Baird - Nada Brahma - The World is Sound

Genevive Bjorn - Opening the mind to deeper perception with smell and music

Somna m Bulist - Wave Dynamics on the harp

Adam Burgasser - Embodying Physics: A Physical Language for Physics

Kianna Burke - One Encounter, One Opportunity

Monique Buzzarté - Incorporating Deep Listening Practices into Secondary General Music Classrooms

Chris Chafe - Acoustics of Imaginary Sound

Alex Chechile - Composing with Otoacoutic Emissions, Ultrasonic Speakers, and Neurobiofeedback

Viv Corringham - Listening and Sounding in Hong Kong

Lulu De Panbehchi - Laughing and Cancer

Stijin Dickel - Researching sound in silence

Carlos Dominguez - A Module for Ambient Awareness

Nomi Epstein - Deep Listening in the Realization of Text Scores: A Human Sound Sculpture

Björn Eriksson - Listening and playing in DIY-3D sound spaces

Jean-Charles François - Pedagogical and communauty oriented project on improvisation, by PFL Traject

Johannes Goebel - Listening and Hearing - New and Known

Tomie Hahn - Banding improvisations

Anne Hege - From the Waters

Robert Kocik & Daria Fain - Prosodic Body

Jay Kreimer - Wired for Sound

Ted Krueger - Paroxysmal Steel

Filipe Lopes - One Hearing, Two Ears, Many Listenings

Norman Lowrey - Avatar Orchestra Metaverse/Deep Listening/Cyberspace/Global Awareness

Michael Lynch - Mockingbird:  a cognitive architecture for intelligent music accompaniment

Bunita Marcus - Hearing the music in your mind

Kimberly McCarthy - Transgenerational Is just one aspect...

James McEntee - A Manifold of Sound: The Role of Deep Listening in Intuitive Sonification of Complicated Data

Liz Medoff - The Corporeal Monument: A Case for Embodied Commemoration

Leaf Miller - The Adaptive Use Musical Instrument (AUMI): Music-Making and Improvisation for All Abilities

Linda Mary Montano & Lisa Barnard Kelley - THE  LOVE  BUGS

Hilary Mullaney - The Composer Isn't There: a personal exploration of place in fixed media composition

Michelle Nagai - Music Made from Being: Deep Listening, Embodiment, and the Shared Experience of Music

Mark Nazemi - Mediated Spaces: Using active listening exercises to reduce anxiety for chronic pain patients

Ralf Martin Niedenthal - AUMI with disabled people in Music therapy

Kristin Norderval - A well-tempered ear:  Bridging the gap between improvisation and notated composition

Tina Pearson - Listening (is) Sounding (is) Listening: Sonic Mimicry as Listening Practice

Brian Pertl - Using Deep Listening to Teach Entrepreneurship

Leila Ramagopal Pertl - Unlocking the Young Deep Listener Through Rhythm Sticks and Pitched Tubes

Joseph Reinsel - Sound Cairn: Virtual Spaces

Ben Richter - Time Distortion in Deep Listening

Maurice Rickard - Our Resonant Places

Jane Rigler - Refocusing the Gaze: Performance Practice through Deep Listening

David Rothenberg - Deep Listening to Cicadas: A Once-in-17-Years Event

Jonathan Rudy - Listening for the Resonance of Peace: Vibrations of Fear and Love from Case Studies in Somalia and Afghanistan

Ryan Ross Smith - Awareness through Animation: Animated Notation and Deep Listening Practices In Educational, Performance, and Composition

Thomas Stoll - Dynamic Soundscape Composition

Sean Taylor - A sonically engaged collaborative sound art practice

Ann Warde - Listeners Are Observers and Musicians

Jennifer Wilsey - Game / No Game: Deep Listening and Music Games for the Educator's Toolkit

Bart Woodstrup - Samay Chakra: Listening to the world through sensors

Gayle Young - Creative Collaboration as Sound, Space, and Pattern Recognition

Deep Listening has been developed by Pauline Oliveros over the past 40 years as a way to enhance attention, listening and creativity for all. To this end it draws upon a wide variety of embodied practices as well as theories of cognitive science, and has been applied to a variety of fields. This includes pedagogy across all levels of education, creative arts therapy, the realization of new creative works, developing new performance paradigms across abilities and the pairing with new technologies to advance all of these fronts and more.

Deep Listening: Art/Science invites practitioners and scholars to consider the experience of this practice and its use in creation, communication, improvisation, design and education. This conference equally invites scientific and philosophical discussions that describe the efficacy of the approach or point towards new directions or applications of Deep Listening.

Call for Submissions Deadline: April 1, 2013
Community Course: July 1-12, 2013
Conference: July 12-14, 2013

For additional information and early submissions please contact Conference Director Doug Van Nort at dvnt.sea@deeplistening.org