Conference Organization

Doug Van Nort, Conference Director
Lisa Barnard Kelley, Conference Coordinator
Cristyn Magnus, Technical Coordinator
Greg Palmer, Documentation Coordinator

Program Committee:
Tom Bickley
Brenda Hutchinson
Pauline Oliveros
Jonas Braasch
Norman Lowrey

Deep Listening Institute:
Pauline Oliveros, Executive Director
Ione, Artistic Director
Lisa Barnard Kelley, Events & Marketing
Emily Halstein, Administrative & Finance Manager
Al Margolis, Label & Catalog Manager
Nico Bovoso, Graphic Designer
Casey Frensz, Intern

Deep Listening Institute Board of Trustees:
David Felton, President
Jonas Braasch, Vice-President
Olivia Robinson, Secretary
Antonio Bovoso, Treasurer
Tom Bickley
Chris Chafe
Orville Dale
Brenda Hutchinson
Norman Lowrey
Pauline Oliveros
Johannes Welsch

Deep Listening has been developed by Pauline Oliveros over the past 40 years as a way to enhance attention, listening and creativity for all. To this end it draws upon a wide variety of embodied practices as well as theories of cognitive science, and has been applied to a variety of fields. This includes pedagogy across all levels of education, creative arts therapy, the realization of new creative works, developing new performance paradigms across abilities and the pairing with new technologies to advance all of these fronts and more.

Deep Listening: Art/Science invites practitioners and scholars to consider the experience of this practice and its use in creation, communication, improvisation, design and education. This conference equally invites scientific and philosophical discussions that describe the efficacy of the approach or point towards new directions or applications of Deep Listening.

Call for Submissions Deadline: April 1, 2013
Community Course: July 1-12, 2013
Conference: July 12-14, 2013

For additional information and early submissions please contact Conference Director Doug Van Nort at