Conference Organization

Lisa Barnard Kelley, Conference Director

Program Committee:

Curtis Bahn
Tom Bickley
Jonas Braasch
Nao Bustamante
Caren Canier
Michael Century
Viv Corringham
Nicholas De Maison
Tomie Hahn
Brenda Hutchinson
Kathy High
Ade Knowles
Ted Krueger
Michael Leczinsky
Norman Lowrey
Olivia Robinson
Silvia Ruzanka
Igor Vamos
Doug Van Nort

Deep Listening Institute:
Pauline Oliveros, Executive Director
Ione, Artistic Director
Lisa Barnard Kelley, Events & Marketing
Emily Halstein, Administrative & Finance Manager
Al Margolis, Label & Catalog Manager
Nico Bovoso, Graphic Designer

Deep Listening Institute Board of Trustees:
David Felton, President
Jonas Braasch, Vice-President
Olivia Robinson, Secretary
Antonio Bovoso, Treasurer
Tom Bickley
Chris Chafe
Viv Corringham
Orville Dale
Brenda Hutchinson
Norman Lowrey
Pauline Oliveros
Doug Van Nort
Johannes Welsch


About Deep Listening Institute, Ltd.   

Deep Listening Institute (DLI) promotes the music and Deep Listening practice of pioneer composer Pauline Oliveros, providing a unique approach to music, literature, art, meditation, technology and healing.  DLI fosters creative innovation across boundaries and across abilities, among artists and audience, musicians and non-musicians, healers and the physically or cognitively challenged, and children of all ages.  This ever-growing community of musicians, artists, scientists and certified Deep Listening practitioners strives for a heightened consciousness of the world of sound and the sound of the world.  READ MORE


The Deep Listening: Art/Science conference organizers welcome applications for the second international conference on Deep Listening. This conference provides artists, educators, and researchers an opportunity to creatively share ideas related to the practice, philosophy and science of Deep Listening. Developed by composer and educator Pauline Oliveros, Deep Listening is an embodied meditative practice of enhancing one’s attention to listening. Deep Listening began over 40 years ago with Oliveros’ Sonic Meditations and organically evolved through performances, workshops and retreats. Deep Listening relates to a broad spectrum of other embodied practices across cultures and can be applied to a wide range of academic fields and disciplines.

Call for Conference Presentations Open: January 10, 2014
Call for Festival Performances/Presentations Open: January 10, 2014
Submission Deadline: April 2, 2014
Conference Registration Open: April 9, 2014
Notification of Acceptance: May 5, 2014
Pre-Conference Workshop: July 7-9, 2014
Conference & Festival: July 10-13, 2014

For additional information please contact Conference Director Lisa Barnard Kelley
For technical questions, contact Conference Technical Director Brian Cook ​