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Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being- An Anthology of Women's Mysteries

Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being- An anthology of Women's Mysteries

Edited by IONE
Deep Listening /M.o.M. Publications

Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being is a stirring collection featuring the fresh voices of eighteen members of an international Women's Mysteries community. The reader travels with these fascinating women through intimate spaces and territories ranging from the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the shores of Long Island to Egypt, South America, Canada, Italy and the heart of Native America.

Along the way we experience the potency of Yoruba ritual, the deepest grief of loss, the awakening of creativity and life purpose,the renewal of resolve and the transcendence of life threatening illness.

​In these pages, feelings, dreams, memories emerge illuminating the often harrowing process of "Spell Breaking" that can lead to a special kind of satisfaction, the remembering of deep and essential "ways of being".

"Ione’s Spell Breaking; Remembered Ways of Being is exactly that!! Ione is a “spell breaker".
She leads us into deeper realities to help us realize our true nature. Through the stories of many women, Ione reminds us all of our awesome ancient mystery potential. In this way, she breaks age old social spells that have inhibited us, and thereby creates new communities. We loved reading the inspiring stories of freedom." - Amy and Arny Mindell, ​Process Work Center, Portland, Oregon

Ebook available through Amazon

Price: $25.00

Anthology of Text Scores by Pauline Oliveros, Deep Listening Publications 2013

Pauline Oliveros’ Anthology of Text Scores contains over one hundred pieces that span four decades of creative work.  Collected in one comprehensive volume, these individual and group meditations, as well as solo and ensemble performance pieces are invaluable resources for performing musicians, music students, and anyone interested in the life work of one the most unique voices in modern music. Featuring an introduction by Brian Pertl.

Among the scores included are: 70 Chords for Terry, All Fours for the Drum Bum, Angels and Demons, Arctic Air, Body Tune Up, Buffalo Jam, Deep Listening Meditations - Egypt, Dissolving Your Earplugs, Earth Ears, The Earthworm Also Sings, Energy, Follow Yourself, Four for Forty, The Gender of Now: There but Not There, God Dog, Horse Sings From Cloud, Imaginary Meditations, Just Listening, Klickitat Ride, Lullaby for Daisy Pauline, Metacolors, The New Sound Meditation, Noise-Silence, One Sound Once, Pebble Music, Piano Piano, Quintessential, Rhythms, Rock Piece, Saxual Orientation, Sex Change, Sound Fishes, String-Utopia, Thirteen Changes, Two for T, Urban and Country Meditations, Welcoming the Light, Wheel of Life, and Word Sound.

SPECIAL INVITE: Deep Listening Institute and Deep Listening Publications extends an open invitation to musicians, non-musicians and deep listeners to share their past, present or future performances of Pauline Oliveros’ text scores, in particular, ones from the new anthology. To share your performance url or for any questions, contact Catalog Manager Al Margolis or Lisa Barnard Kelly.

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PDF Downloads of Pauline Oliveros Scores
All Fours
Breaking Boundaries
Dissolving Your Ear Plugs
Ear Rings
Earth Ears
Inner-Outer Sound Matrix
The Witness
Wind Horse


Price: $43.95

Mysterium Magnum - Norman Lowrey

"Mysterium Magnum: Singing Mask DreamSong Meditations" was originally a mixed-media video that represents a culmination of the work Norman Lowrey has been doing with his Singing Masks for the past 30 years. It was intended not so much as documentation as the realization of a Singing Mask Ceremony now in the form of an ebook.  Images and video clips are presented here from the original video and may be viewed and heard as mandalas for meditation purposes.


Available from Blurb:

Price: $7.99

What Can You Do? - Brenda Hutchinson

What Can You Do?

What You Can Do? is about reclaiming public space through direct engagement with strangers. Our comfort in public often depends on our ability to keep to ourselves and to maintain invisible bubbles around ourselves as we navigate through what has become a fractured, often hostile public sphere.


Brenda Hutchinson is a composer and sound artist whose work is based on the cultivation and encouragement of openness in her own life and in those she works with.

Price: $24.95

Needle Drop Jungle - Deep Listening Band

May 30th, 2012 marked the 80th birthday of American visionary musician Pauline Oliveros. Needle Drop Jungle is a continuation of the celebration. Together with bandmates Stuart Dempster and David Gamper, Oliveros and company churned up a vigorous storm at their January 2011 residency in Seattle, captured on this double vinyl release. With the help of staff at DXArts, the Deep Listening Band recorded impromptu downpours unhindered by technical issues, a peak in their collective creative output. Suddenly and unexpectedly, David Gamper died on September 27th, 2011. Needle Drop Jungle thus includes the brightest moments from what have sadly become the last recordings of this exceptional trio. Along with the simultaneously released Pauline Oliveros Primordial/Lift 2LP, this title completes a tetralogy of Oliveros releases on Taiga that started with the Deep Listening Band Then & Now and Timeless Pulse Trio 2LPs. Needle Drop Jungle was mastered by James Plotkin, cut direct to metal and pressed on 200 gram virgin vinyl in an edition of 500. It comes packaged in a double-wide raw brown cardstock jacket with essays by the band and a flooded pocket. The jacket is encased in a custom slipcase, with gorgeous photographs by Michael S. Carlson from deep within the expansive Taiga forest's southern edge.

Price: $40.00

Tower Ring Art Book

The Tower Ring Art Book is a book documentating the premiere of the site-specific performance in Ann Hamilton's Tower at Oliver Ranch in Geyserville, CA On June 4 and 5, 2011. 

Performers include Chris Chafe, Stuart Dempster, Renko Dempster, David Gamper, Brenda Hutchinson,Ÿ Ione, Ÿ George Marsh,Ÿ Pauline Oliveros,Ÿ Christopher Pilafian, Jennifer Wilsey, The Cornelius Cardew Choir directed by Tom Bickley and Students of Mills College.

Photography by ©Aimee Friberg Photography 2011, unless otherwise noted.
Additional photography provided by: Torreyanna Barley, Diane Caudillo, Cathryn Hrudicka, Ione, Rachel Koenig, Michelle Lou, Adria Otte, Moira Roth, Benjamin Tinker and Jennifer Wilsey.

Sumi and watercolors on paper: ©2011 Suiren a.k.a Renko Ishida Dempster. 
Additional artwork by Nick Kanozik.

Available for purchase only through our Blurb Bookstore HERE.

Price: $55.00

Primordial / Lift: Pauline Oliveros

Primordial / Lift

Primordial / Lift

Primordial/Lift is a continuation of Pauline Oliveros' 80th birthday celebration. This double vinyl record contains the previously-unreleased second performance of Primordial/Lift from September 25th, 2010. The first performance of this work, which took place in 1998, was released on CD in both edited and full-length versions. Interpreting a score penned by Oliveros in 1998, Anne Bourne, Andrew Deutsch, Miguel Frasconi, David Grubbs, Jason Kao Hwang and Suzanne Thorpe joined Oliveros at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn to divulge this bizarre and surreal sound work. Centered around a low frequency oscillator, the group swirls cello, voice, sampler, glass drones, e-guitar, violin and V accordion into a molten mass dropped from outer space.

Price: $40.00

Two From Seven Passages: Pauline Oliveros

Two From Seven Passages

Two From Seven Passages 

Art Edition 7”record

Deluxe edition of only 150 copies archival release of material from 1963 in honour of composer Pauline Oliveros’s 80th birthday: packaged in a silver screen print fold out quad box with screened card insert, Two From Seven Passages presents excerpts from a 1963 recording made at the San Francisco Tape Music Center for a dance choreographed and performed by Elizabeth Harris with Oliveros performing the music. Oliveros uses the internal strings on a piano as well as a series of bowed flexible brass rods from a telephone exchange to generate amazingly resonant Industrial instants that combine percussive pianistic reveries with the sound of scorched metal and warped protesting drones.

Price: $20.00

Aural Histories - Kristin Norderval

Aural Histories - Kristin Norderval

Chosen by Alex Ross of The New Yorker for one of his Ten Most Notable CDs of 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kristin Norderval cut her musical teeth touring with Einstein on the Beach in 1992, went on to record works of American composers such as Tania Leon, David Lang, and Anne LeBaron, improvised in the New Circle Five with Pauline Oliveros and Susie Ibarra, and co-founded the electro-acoustic duo Zanana with trombonist Monique Buzzarté.  Now she has released a solo CD of her works for voice and laptop. 

The composer writes: “Aural Histories is a compilation of works for voice and electronics. None have lyrics, but they all have stories. Some are improvisations recorded in one take with live sampling and audio processing in real-time; others are electronic compositions with varying degrees of vocal improvisation; and still others are through-composed electronic works. Some use the voice alone as sound source, and others contain pre-recorded and processed sounds of machines and electronic equipment, from coffee machines and microwaves to incubators and antique motors.” 

Zooming further out, alongside singers and composers including Meredith Monk, Anne LeBaron, Juliana Snapper, and Mendi and Keith Obadike, Norderval’s work fits within […] a contemporary U.S. feminist opera that seeks to denaturalize singing, listening, and sound. This is work that faces rather than masks sound’s dependency on material transduction. Furthermore, it never forgets that sound always sounds in a three-dimensional setting even when played through speakers or headphones, as will be the case with this CD. […] For Kristin Norderval each sound’s specific location in space is a significant compositional parameter. Aural Histories is not a linear sound trajectory; instead it is an invitation to step into any of its ten different scenes. The doors are open to you, the listener: please enter. “

 A lovely review from Seattle music critic Melinda Bargreen:


Price: $16.00

Anthology of Essays on Deep Listening - Monique Buzzarté & Tom Bickley, editors

In this ground-breaking work, twenty-three authors investigate and discuss composer Pauline Oliveros' revolutionary practice of Deep Listening. From an education program reaching 47,000 San Francisco school children to electronic dance music (EDM) events held in remote desert locations, from underwater duets with whales to architectural listening, the multifaceted essays in this collection provide compelling depictions of Deep Listening's ability to nurture creative work and promote societal change.

 Edited by Monique Buzzarté and Tom Bickley, with a foreward by Pauline Oliveros, the anthology's essay authors are Anne Bourne, Viv Corringham, Renee T. Coulombe, Lara Davis, Stuart Dempster, Fred Frith, Heloise Gold, Lesley Greco, Lawton Hall, Ione, Susan Key, Norman Lowrey, Miya Masaoka, Paula Matthusen, Thollem McDonas, Kristin Norderval, Jann Pasler, Fabian Racca, Dana Reason, David Rothenberg, Scott Smallwood, Suzanne Thorpe, and Gayle Young.


Price: $24.95