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Pauline Oliveros

The musical excerpt is all live improvisation by Pauline Oliveros performing on her Roland V Accordion for Elaine Summers' SKYDANCE/SKYTIME/SKYWEB - IMPROVIZATION FOR SUN+MOON+STARS on November 5, 2010 at the Emily Harvey Foundation in NYC.  The performance featured Kiori Kawai solo dancing with multiple projections of evening sky and stars and was a continuation of the developing evolution of SKYDANCE/SKYTIME/SKYWEB, and as a transection of a multiplicity of times and places, dancer Thomas Körtvélyessy joined the performance telematically via Skype with improvised dance from Rotterdam, Holland. 

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Sounding the Margin - Meridian Music

Pauline Oliveros with Shoko Hikage & Toyoji Tomita (solos, duos, and trio) - Pauline Oliveros - accordion/voice, Shoko; Hikage - koto, Toyoji Tomita - trombone. Meridian Music: Composers In Performance, Meridian Gallery, San Francisco CA September 7, 2001 Total time: 55:17 Note: all proceeds from this sale go to Toyoji Tomita's family. (mp3)

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Big Deep

Pauline Oliveros & Roscoe Mitchell Duo. 'O Milhaud Mio. Recorded at The Kitchen, NYC on April 18, 2009. Roscoe Mitchell - saxophones, Pauline Oliveros - accordion/Expanded Instrument System, Benton-C Bainbridge - video artist/light designer. Audio Engineer: Will Swofford/Doug Van Nort. Technical Director of The Kitchen: Bob Bellerue. mp3 audio file 24:13


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Pauline Oliveros' life as a composer, performer and humanitarian is about opening her own and others' sensibilities to the many facets of sound. Since the 1960's she has influenced American music profoundly through her work with improvisation, meditation, electronic music, myth and ritual. She is widely known for her accordion playing with electronics using her Expanded Instrument System (EIS). She also founded Deep Listening Institute, Ltd. in 1985 to encourage others in the practice of Deep Listening for creativity and heightened awareness of sound and sounding. Many credit her with being the founder of present day meditative music. All of Oliveros' work emphasizes musicianship, attention strategies, and improvisational skills. Recently, Columbia University announced Pauline Oliveros as the first woman composer to receive the distinguished William Schuman award, which will include a retrospective concert in March 2010.

Pauline Oliveros' groundbreaking work for six iPhones and muli-instrumentalists. Performed by the Deep Listening Band - David Gamper, Stuart Dempster & Oliveros. Recorded May 23, 2009 at Chapel of the Good Shepherd Performance Space in Seattle, WA. Engineer: Rob Angus Total time: 8:10


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To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation (1970)

Composer:  Pauline Oliveros
Recorded live at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, September 1970.

Shortly after it was published in 1967 The SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas fell into my hands.  Intrigued by the egalitarian feminist principles set forth in the Manifesto I wanted to incorporate them in the structure of a new piece that I was composing. The women's movement was surfacing and I felt the need to express my resonance with this energy.  Marilyn Monroe had taken her own life.  Valerie Solanas had attempted to take the life of Andy Warhol. Both women seemed to be desperate and caught in the traps of inequality:  Monroe needed to be recognized for her talent as an actress.  Solanas wished to be supported for her own creative work. Commissioned by the Music Department of Hope College, Holland Michigan/ To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in recognition of their desperation /had its premiere in 1970.  Though everyone knew Marilyn Monroe hardly anyone recognized Valerie Solanas or took her Manifesto seriously.  I brought the names of these two women together in the title of the piece to draw attention to their inequality and to dedicate the piece.   -Pauline Oliveros


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