The Telematic Circle, Interest group for telematic research and music performance


The Telematic Circle is an interest group that uses and develops applications for telepresent music performances. The group supports the creation of new art that specifically addresses broadband transmission systems as a new medium.

The interest of the Telematic Circle goes beyond the requirements of mono-located music performances, for example musical solutions that address the unavoidable latency between two co-located /site/sites.

Technical developments are also supported, with an extended interest in issues that are not addressed in typical speech conference systems. Among these goals are the development of systems with ultra-low latency, sufficient bandwidth to allow immersive multiple communication channels, and accurate spatial reproduction.

Each institution represented in the TC has participated in multi-site concerts over the INTERNET. Institutions interested in participating in the ongoing research, rehearsals, jam sessions and concerts for the continual improvement of the telematic experience are welcome to join.

Significant music making has occurred with both high tech multi-channel CD quality audio and DV quality video and low tech audio and video transmissions using iCHATav, SKYPE and other applications.

Institutions wishing to join in this research should have an INTERNET2 connection. TC will provide the consultation to establish connection. Check out for instructions.

Each institution has significant input to offer to the continual development of this project. By working together we can create an excellent and strong network of expertise in music, software, hardware and performance venue development that is unparalleled.

Contact: Jonas Braasch or Pauline Oliveros


ICAD June 2007 Multi-site concert - Montreal, Palo Alto, Troy & Seoul

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McGill University: Tintinnabulate Ensemble: Jonas Braasch, soprano saxophone; Pauline Oliveros, accordion; Doug Van Nort, laptop; Jefferson Pitcher, electric guitar

RPI NYStar Lab: Tintinnabulate Ensemble: Dan Valente, violin, Elizabeth Panzer, harp; Bobby Gibbs, clarinet; Alex Chechlie, electric guitar

Stanford University (CCRMA): Juan Pablo Caceres, keyboard

Seoul Korea (CCRMA): Chris Chafe, Celetto

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