Deep Listening Institute of Kingston, NY invites you to submit a dream box for Ione’s 16th annual Dream Festival during the months of October and November.  Opening Reception for the Dream Box exhibit will be Friday, November 11 from 6-8 pm in Kingston, NY.  All submissions will be on view in a virtual gallery on Deep Listening Institute’s website –


What are dream boxes? Dream boxes are containers that hold your dreams so that they can be taken out and respectfully read and shared with others. Some of these dreams will be read/performed during the Dream Festival and all will eventually be archived on our website.


The guidelines for dream boxes are as follows:

  • Dream boxes can be any kind of container (box, milk carton, etc) made of any kind of material (wood, plastic, etc) and can be any size
  • Your dreams should be written/typed on any material separate from the dream box itself and should be placed inside the dream box.
  • Dream boxes must contain an opening that dreams can be placed into and taken out of. This should work like a little “door.”
  • Dreams & dream boxes can be submitted anonymously, with a special “Dream name” or with your real name
  • We will be accepting 16 dream boxes from adults and 11 from children. All dream boxes, including those that are not chosen/able to be delivered to the Deep Listening Institute will be featured in a virtual gallery on Deep Listening Institute’s website – www.deeplistening
  • A jury will be giving fun awards to various dream boxes, but note that this is not a contest
  • Dream boxes must be received by October 15th to be considered


If you have questions or want to drop a box off


 Contact Lisa at (845)-338-5984 or





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