1st Annual Dream Festival – October 1996

  • October 26/27 - Dream Dialogue
  • Dream Sound : Event for sleeping audience
  • Dream Contest.


2nd Annual Dream Festival – October 1997

  • October 24 - Concert : Miracles, Fantaisies and lullaby.  Dreaming across time in music for recorders and electronics.  Performed by Thomas Bickley with the assistance of Norman Lowrey.
  • October 25 - Pauline Oliveros reading from her book initiation dream with musical accompaniment by Jason Finkelman.
  • Dream Experiences : Naomi Schechter, PHD with Sherri Brok, MA, CSW.
  • Dream Talk and demonstration : Stephen Larsen, PHD and Robin Larsen, PHD.
  • Founders’ Reception and Gallery Opening
  • October 26 - Mammoth Marathon of Dreamers.


3rd Annual Dream Festival – October 1998

  • October 23 - Stephen Vitiello – Concert and Video
  • October 24 - Naomi Schechter and Friends – Dreamers’ Workshop
  • Gala Opening – Dreaming on – an exhibit of paintings and sculpture.
  • Anne Bourne – Concert – Dreaming in the womb.
  • October 25 - Children’s Dream Circle
  • Marathon dream : Performance, happenings and readings.


4th Annual Dream Festival – October 1999

  • October 22 - Spoken (dream) Word with Steve Clorfeine and Mikhail Horowitz with the paintings of Bob Crimi.
  • October 23 - Dreamfest Arts and Crafts Fair.  King Arthur’s Dream with East-West Fusion Theatre.  Art Opening: “Beyond Boundaries” Exhibit by Christina Conrad and Steven Weis.  Dream Performances on the Strand with The Tara Somerville Dancers and The Living Stones.  "Playing in the Dreamtime" workshop with Dr.Stephen Larsen, Dr Robin Larsen and Dr Naomi Schechter. “Beyond Boundaries” Performances with Anne Bourne Susie Ibarra, Norman Lowrey, William Stoneking, Gioia Timpanelli and special guest Mayor T.R.Gallo.  Mini Marathon of Dreams.
  • October 24 -  Dreamfest arts and Crafts Fair, Young People’s Dream Mask Workshop with Norman Lowrey and his singing masks.  Dream Procession to West Strand parkDream Dances on the Strand with The Tara Somerville Dancers and The Living Stones.  Dream Workshops.


5th Annual Dream Festival – October 2000

  • October 14 Exhibition. Reception: Dreaming in Parallel, Dreaming into Alternative Universes by Norman Lowrey and Victoria Lashley.  Overnight Concert: Dreamsound – Concert for sleeping Audience by Composer RIP Hayman
  • October 15 - Kids’ workshop and procession.
  • October 20 - Egypt This Time with Robert Graf and Ione.
  • October 21 - Una Nakamura Unsung song for Hidden Voices.
  • October 24 - Hawaiian Temple Dance Instruction with Ku’uipo Workshop with dance and instruments in association with Miriam’s Well.
  • October 26 - Deep Clay Dreamfigures Performance Workshop with Michelle Rhodes.
  • October 27 - Dreamco.com Film/video Night with Dr. George O’Mara’s Dream.
  • October 28 - Dreamer’s marathon.
  • October 29 - Lomi Ceremony with Ku’uipo.


6th Annual Dream Festival – October 2001

  • October 6 - Bicyclophone Performance - by Stephen Schweizer
  • October 6 - DreamWeaving - Dream Translation of Your Dreams with Singing Masks, by composer Norman Lowrey
  • October 12 - Egyptian Dreams - Slides, video, music, poetry and dance with Mohamed, Raouf Aziz, Ione, Monique Buzzarte, Lydia Afia, Farah & other Egyptophiles...
  • October 13 - TRANSART & Cultural Services PRESENTS African Diaspora Cinema - Featuring: Daughters of Dust
  • October 15 - Kids Music Workshop – Young Poets and Writers from the Kingston Children’s Home with Reynols
  • October 16 - R E Y N O L S Concert
  • October 18 - Poetry, Stories, Spoken Word - Celebrating The Spirit of Dream Community. A Community event with Gioia Timpanelli and Sobonfu Somé.
  • October 19 - Gratkowski, Lindberg & Hemingway Dreamers Marathon Mini performances
  • October 20 - Concert for Sleeping Audience: Overnight Dream-In
  • October 27 - TRANSART & Cultural Services PRESENTS African Diaspora Cinema - Featuring: Quilombo

7th Annual Dream Festival – October 2002

  • October 7 - Dream Portals - Robin Larsen, Jennifer Russell, Steve Barnwell
  • October 12 - Zakarya Sherzad - Afghani Dreams - Multimedia performance
  • October 19 - Gioia Timpanelli, Laura Biagi - Italian Dreams
  • October 25 - Seth Cluett - Moraine Shoal
  • October 27 - Norman Lowrey - DreamWeaving


8th Annual Dream Festival – October 2003

  • October 4 - Anthony Braxton, Pauline Oliveros – Concert
  • October 5 - Bethany Goldpaugh Brown - Three Women of Paris - Dance/Theater
  • October 12 - Norman Lowrey - Dream Weaving
  • October 14 - Thurston Moore Trio – Concert
  • October 18 - Seth Cluett’s Moraine Shoal - An Overnight Concert
  • October 19 - Lisa Abbatomarco, Sarah Weaver - Hole to the Sky - Puppet Theater Performance
  • October 24 - Laura Biagi, Steve Gorn - Lullabies and Dreams - Concert


9th Annual Dream Festival – October 2004

  • September 4 - Dream Box Workshop: A Dream Festival Event with artists Sadee Brathwaite and Eleana Pellegrino. Create Dream Boxes to be exhibited throughout Ulster County. All Ages welcome.
  • September 23 - Friends of Deep Listening Institute Party: A Pre-Dream Festival Event with performances by Pauline Oliveros, David Arner, Vonn New, Ione’s Dreamweaving and a Silent Auction to benefit Deep Listening Institute.
  • October 2 - Opening Reception: Musicworks Magazine Audio Art show celebrating 25 years of publication. With a DEEP LISTENING INSTITUTE performance by composer/editor Gayle Young and guests. In the Altman Room: Vonn New’s Installation, Dreaming in Proximity to Mars.
  • October 7 - New Vanguard Series – Joe Giardullo, solo saxophone
  • October 8 - An Evening with Richard Nunns
  • October 9 - Seth Cluett’s Moraine Shoal – An Overnight Concert
  • October 10 - dreaming drawing - Performance with painter Robert Kushner with composer Pauline Oliveros
  • October 14 - New Vanguard Series, David Arner (piano) & Joe Giardullo (horns)
  • October 15 - Cabaret X - Extravaganza Nite!
  • October 16 - Two Videos by Don White Oliveros/Dove/Ibarra Trio and Sound Piece By Pauline Oliveros
  • October 16 - Deep Listening Band at La Mama - Sounds Like Now Festival (Stuart Dempster - Trombone/didjeridu, David Gamper - Keyboard/electronics and Pauline Oliveros - accordion/electronics in the 3-Point Festival at La Mama Theater in NYC, 8PM
  • October 17 - Marathon of Dreamers
  • October 20 - Community Café Delicious Evening with Nancy Graham and Henry Lowengard
  • October 21 - Larry Ochs, of the Rova Saxophone Quartet, bassist Lisle Ellis, drummer Don Robinson and Saadet Tuerkoez with Song Stories
  • October 23 - A Hole to the Sky – Excerpts & Abstracts, Lisa Abbatomarco - Writer/Director/Puppeteer, Sarah Weaver - Soundpainter. Onyx Productions/Soundpainting Collaboration with Weave - by the water
  • October 24 - Kids’ Free Dream Workshop & Masked Procession with giant puppets
  • October 24 - Norman Lowrey - Private Prayers/Public Rituals - an outdoor performance by the master sound-mask maker AND Look for spontaneous dream events throughout the city and internet dream action via Ione’s Dream Sack.
  • October 28 - New Vanguard Series - FAST! FAST! CASH! Maria Chavez (from Peru)


10th Annual Dream Festival - 2005

Ione's 10th Annual Dream Festival October 1-30, 2005
October 1 - Dream Festival Gala Celebration. Dream Vessels – A Multi-Media Exhibition with Shirley Panton Parker, Omar Parker and Gorka Marquez Vilata. Beautiful and Crazy Dream Boxes Exhibit - a few examples of Dream Boxes displayed all over Ulster County. On view through December.

  • October 1 - Canadian artists, cellist Anne Bourne with dancer Yvonne Ng – A live music and dance performance of Ng’s Labyrinth. Yvonne Ng constructs a labyrinth with a hundred shoes and then dances within them while Bourne improvises with cello and voice.
  • October 2 - A Community Dream Weaving - Ione’s Listening in Dreams & Pauline’s Deep Listening: A Composer’s Sound Practice - with video/spoken word artists Nancy Graham and Henry Lowengard and guests.
  • October 3 - Songlines Series, Mills College - Pauline with Stuart Dempster perform a SEDIMENTAL JOURNEY! via iCHATav with Pauline in Troy in the iEAR Studio at RPI and Stuart in Seattle at the DX Center, U Washington and the duo appearing on screen in the concert hall on the Songlines Series at Mills College in Oakland, CA. This concert is commemorating 50 years of musical friendship between Pauline & Stuart. Other collaborators include June Watanabe - choreographic direction, Scott Gresham-Lancaster, Les Stuck and Greg Palmer – technical direction, Zulma Aguiar – lighting/video at RPI. Possibly the concert will be streamed onto the INTERNET as well. Otherwise attendance will be in three places: Oakland, Troy and Seattle.
  • October 6 - New Vanguard Series - Jorrit Dijkstra & John Hollenbeck
  • October 7 - WATR presents Fabulous First Fridays
  • October 8/9 - Pauline performs solo concerts in the Long Arms Festival in memory of Nikolai Dmitriev in St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia sponsored by CEC ArtsLink, a New York based nonprofit organization, with a grant from the Trust for Mutual Understanding to bring 6 U.S. musicians to Russia for this festival.
  • October 8 - Al Margolis Birthday Celebration & Concert with special guests
  • October 9 - Private Prayers/Public Rituals with Norman Lowery – A magical, audience-participatory event with the master mask maker.
  • October 12 - Scott Smallwood Birthday Celebration
  • October 13 - New Vanguard Series - Carl Ludwig Hubsch, Matthias Shubert, Wolter Wierbos
  • October 14 - Lisa Barnard’s Dream Puzzle Dream - A performance piece with mask, music, & spoken word
  • October 15 - Pauline Oliveros performs with David Dove (trombone) in the Instal Festival, Glasgow, Scotland
  • October 15 - Dreambinding Workshop at Alternative Books – A free workshop for kids ages 5-8. We will make a collective dream story from everybody’s dreams and each child will create a book based on his or her interpretation of our dream story. 35 North Front St, Kingston
  • October 16 - Marathon of Dreamers - Short performances inspired by dreams, continuing throughout the day featuring the members of the community at large
  • October 19 - Concert - Pauline Oliveros & Ione perform Cross Overs sponsored by Meet the Composer at the Mercantile Library (17 East 47th St), NYC
  • October 20 - New Vanguard presents Dean Sharp’s What Dreams These Are Made Of
  • October 22 - Dream Stream with Zevin Polzin and Diana Slattery - The Sleep Concert, Streamed on-line, for more information go to www.deeplistening.org
  • October 27 - New Vanguard presents David Arner’s Dream Time Spaces
  • October 28 - CD Launch of “Deep Time” with Fritz Hauser at Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY
  • October 29 - An Evening of Percussion - Swiss percussionist Fritz Hauser
  • October 30 - Workshop 1PM, Procession 2PM – Kids’ Free Dream Workshop and Procession to the Rondout for a performance under 9W Bridge of Clyde Forth Visual Theatre’s Interval with Clyde Forth, Melinda Buckwalter, & Alex Cohen


11th Annual Dream Festival – October 2006

Ione's 11th Annual Dream Festival October 1-31, 2006
October 1 - New Vanguard Series presents David Arner (piano).  Alternative Books, 35 North Front Street, Uptown Kingston

  • October 8 - New Vanguard Series presents Hilliard Green (bass).  Alternative Books, 35 North Front Street, Uptown Kingston
  • October 13 - Deep Listening Band (David Gamper, Stuart Dempster and Pauline Oliveros) with Into The Deep (Dreaming) including a Singing Mask Ceremony with Norman Lowrey (singing masks) and Ione (spoken word/sonic vocals) at The Concert Hall, Dorothy Young Center for the Arts, Drew University, Madison NJ
  • October 15 - A Day and Evening of Dream Events:?1 PM – Kids’ Dream Workshop with Shirley Panton Parker at Deep Listening Institute?2:30 PM – Puppet/Mask Procession with giant puppets from the Center for Symbolic Studies starting at Deep Listening Institute, 75 Broadway, to Gallo Park on the Rondout Creek, Rondout Kingston?3 PM – Norman Lowery’ s Into The Deep (Dreaming) in Gallo Park. “Into The Deep (Dreaming)” is a participatory communal dreaming ceremony which will be guided into DreamTime by Lowrey’s Singing Masks.?8 PM – Vonn New’s Dreaming in the Proximity of Mars, movement 7: Healing with Johanna Krynytzky, electroacoustic music, dreams, and incandescent dance.Gallo Park on the Strand, Rondout Kingston
  • October 19 - Dream Action Theater & Dream Festival Crawl featuring Readings, Performances and bizarre Dream Moments with Ione, Zakarya Sherzad, Lisa Barnard, Linda Montano and surprise guests. Ione will read from her recent book, Listening in Dreams. Journey through the fascinating world of sound related dreams.  Inspired, 41 North Front St, Uptown Kingston
  • October 19 - Linda Montano’s We Are All Authors of Our Own Lives, celebrating her new book, Letters from Linda Montano. Alternative Books, 35 North Front Street, Uptown Kingston
  • October 27 - MutaMYTHeatre’s nohtopera Three Songs in Search of a Voice with Al Margolis and Lisa Barnard. A glimpse into the landscape of a dreaming mind. Al Margolis - live sampling and backing tracks and Lisa Barnard - vocals, dreams, text and movement. A Workshop Performance at Alternative Books, 35 North Front St, Uptown Kingston
  • October 28 - Overnight Concert - Notes Against the Threshold of Dreams - Composer Zevin Polzin’s overnight concert will be an exploration of the liminal zone between waking consciousness and dreams, involving the sonification of states of consciousness into contrapuntal melodies that bend and warp over the course of the night, finally re-emerging as new melodies created by REM brainwaves. The audience is invited to bring blankets and pillows and fall asleep during the event. In the morning participants share dreams with each other, assisted by Dream facilitator Ione. The Sanctuary for Independent Media, 3361 6th Avenue, Troy, NY
  • October 29 - Marathon of Dreamers, an all day event featuring dream related presentations by the Dream Community at large.  Potluck reception begins at 1PM.  Please bring edible food or drink that you’ve dreamed! Center for Symbolic Studies at Stone Mountain Farm, 475 River Rd Extension, New Paltz
  • October 29 - New Vanguard Series presents State of Dreams: Chris Chalfant, Joe Rigby, Warren Smith, Chris Sullivan.  Alternative Books, 35 North Front St, Uptown Kingston


12th Annual Dream Festival – October 2007

Ione's 12th Annual Dream Festival, October 1-31, 2007

  • October 6 - Opening Reception for Artists in Dreamland at The Gallery at Artemis, 33 Broadway on the Rondout, Kingston. Exhibiting from October 6-28.
  • October 14 - In Parallel: Dreaming Into Alternate Universes with Norman Lowrey.  The longest running performance in Dream Festival history! This performance begun October 14, 2000 and has been ongoing for the past seven years.  Alternative Books, 35 North Front St, Kingston NY
  • October 18 - NYC Premiere of Dreams of the Jungfrau, a new experimental narrative film written and directed by Ione with music and sound design by Pauline Oliveros. Wine and hors d’oeuvres Reception. 2 showings. Emily Harvey Gallery, 587 Broadway NYC
  • October 19 - Marathon of Dreamers - Dream-related presentations and performances by the Dream Community at large. 82 Prince Street, Midtown Kingston NY
  • October 19 - SECOND LIFE DREAM FESTIVAL Concurrent with Marathon of Dreamers and Weave Concert (Streaming into Second Life)
  • October 19 - Dreamwaker, Concert with Weave. A piece for sounding ensemble across states of dream reality, led by Sarah Weaver. 82 Prince Street, Midtown Kingston, NY
  • October 20 - Free Kid’s Dream Art Workshop with artist Eleana Pellegrino followed by a kids’ procession at the Kingston Urban Park with big puppets from the Center for Symbolic Studies in Tillson. Kingston Heritage Visitor’s Center, 20 Broadway on the Rondout, Kingston
  • October 20 - Opening and Performance of Quaque Nocte (meaning “every night”), a tapestry of dreams comes to life in a kinetic sculptural installation; a dreamscape world of puppets, masked performers, video and sound. Designed by Nathan Gresham-Lancaster and Maggie Cornell. Installation opens at 4 pm, performances throughout the course of the evening. 82 Prince Street, Kingston NY
  • October 21 - SECOND LIFE Projected Dreams and Creations of Avatars, and Radio 103point9 Coverage of events of October 21, 2007
  • October 21 - A Lucid Tea Party - a sonic wonderland event hosted by composer Zevin Polzin with a garnish of Dream Action Theater happenings. 82 Prince Street, Midtown Kingston, NY
  • October 21 - A Rumi Night - A concert with Steve Gorn - flute, John de Kadt - percussion & Peter Rogen performing the luminous words of Rumi.
  • October 26 - Pauline Oliveros Solo Performance.  Serpentine Gallery Pavilion.  London, England


13th Annual Dream Festival - October 2008

Ione's 13th Annual Dream Festival October 1-31, 2008

  • October 4 - Open House Dream Depot @ the Shirt Factory, Grand Opening of the new office of Deep Listening Institute, Official launch of the Dream Festival, 77 Cornell St, Suite 303 (next to the Kingston Post Office) Kingston, NY
  • October 11 - Marathon of Dreamers- An evening of Music, Performance, Stories and Virtual Realities. Featuring Norman Lowrey's In Parallel Dreaming Into Alternate Universes, Dream Duo with Pauline Oliveros, Accordion and Expanded Instrument System with Doug Van Noort- Laptop.  Muddy Cup, 516 Broadway Kingston, NY www.muddycup.com
  • October 12 - DreamScapes - A Kids' Dream Art Workshop with Sadee Brathwaite. Kids will create dreamlike landscapes using a variety of kid friendly materials. Muddy Cup 516 Broadway Kingston, NY www.muddycup.com
  • October 12 - 7 hour Gland-athon with Linda Mary Montano, Paul McMahon & Friends.  By Donation, Potluck dinner. Muddy Cup 516 Broadway Kingston, NY
  • October 17 - Dreaming in Bogotá. Pauline Oliveros in Concert & Dream Box Installation by Ione.  Léon de Greiff Auditorium, Universidad Naçional de Bogotá, Bogotá Colombia.


14th Annual Dream Festival - October 2009

  • October 3 - Dream Festival Opening @ the Shirt Factory.  1st floor – Shirt Factory party, Suite 303 – Open Studio.  77 Cornell St, Kingston, NY.  By Donation
  • October 4 - Cinema Of The Wobbly Pivot : A 5 hour continuous, improvised performance by EARS : John Bell, Phil Dadson & Paul Winstanley, Auckland, New Zealand.  www.sonicsfromscratch.co.nz
  • October 9 - Women's Voices; Women's Lives-An Evening of Women's Memoirs Featuring Ione, Johanna Reiss, Susan Richards and Gail Straub, Introduction by Jan Schmidt.  Unison Arts Center, 68 Mountain Rest Road, New Paltz, NY.  $12 for members; $16 non-members.  Co-presented by Inquiring Minds Bookstore and Unison Arts
  • October 11 - Marathon of Dreamers Featuring the Center of Symbolic Studies Dream group and Norman Lowrey’s “Oneiroscape” Live streaming on ustreamtv.com.  Deep Listening Space @ the Shirt Factory, Kingston, NY.  By Donation & Potluck Offerings
  • October 11 - Between Dreams; A Telematic Exchange: Buenos Aires, Argentina to Kingston NY with Pauline Oliveros and Alan Courtis.  Deep Listening Space @ the Shirt Factory, Kingston NY.
  • October 12 - Deep Listening TV presents A Deep Listening Certificate session with Pauline Oliveros ustream.tv/channel/deep-listening-institute-presents.  Suggested Donation $5-10
  • October 17 - Dream Masks; A Kids Dream Workshop With artist Sadee Brathwaite.  Deep Listening Space @ the Shirt Factory. Kingston, NY Free Admission
  • October 17 - Treasure of Dreams; Dreams and Deep Abundance.  A Dream TV Seminar with IONE.  Co-Sponsored by Ministry of Maat.  ustream.tv/channel/deep-listening-institute-presents.  Suggested Donation $5-10 
  • October 18 - Triple Point - Jonas Braasch, Pauline Oliveros & Doug Van Nort.  Part of the New York Electronic Art Festival.  Roulette, 20 Greene St, New York, NY
  • October 23 - Lecture Demo with Triple Point - Jonas Braasch, Pauline Oliveros & Doug Van Nort.  Part of the New York Electronic Art Festival.  HarvestWorks, 596 Broadway, #602, New York, NY. 
  • October 24Filming for 100 Dreams/100 Artists project with filmmaker Robert G. Christman and La Leona Arts. For location and  information:  Sadee Brathwaite at sadee@laleonaarts.com
  • October 24 Author Reading with Ione.  Spoken Word Café, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 67 S Randolph, Poughkeepsie, NY. 845-473-1324  $5 General Admission
  • October 31  - Multiple Screenings of Dreams of the Jungfrau by Ione.  Dublin Electronic Arts Festival.  Dublin Ireland.  For schedule and information:  dublinartmill.com

15th Dream Festival - October & November 2010

Ione's 15th Annual Dream Festival, October 1 thru November 30 2010

16th Dream Festival - October & November, 2011

17th Dream Festival - October 1st - December 31st, 2012


18th Dream Festival - October - December 2013


19th/20th Dream Festival - December 15, 2014 - February 15, 2015


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