Deep Listening Artists

Artists that are involved with the activities of the Deep Listening Institute, Ltd. are listed here.  Some are Deep Listening Certificate Holders, some have been associated with other programs and performances of the Institute.


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Marc Jensen

The Jilted Brides

Tanya Andrea Stadelmann and Nicole Skeltys


Film making and music composition

The Jilted Brides are a collaboration between two Australian artists - Tanya Andrea Stadelmann and Nicole Skeltys. Tanya is a singer, video artist and photographer, who has shot and directed short films (including Cannes screenings) and video projections (including for the Sydney Opera House). Nicole is a song writer and producer, with a long background in electronica. Nicole's previous electronic releases have been nominated for Aria awards and her previous femme-tech duo B(if)tek were once described as 'Australia's greatest electronic innovators'.

We formed as a psychedelic/folk/electronic duo in December 2007. Tanya sings and creates video projections for our performances, Nicole sings, plays keys and writes and produces the songs.

As we travel across North America, we are performing and also filming and recording the places and people we meet, including interviews with 'underground' American artists and musicians who
inspire us, and are also visiting sacred /site/sites.

our web/site/sites:


Paula Josa-Jones

PAULA JOSA-JONES, MA, CMA, RSME/T, is a choreographer, director and equestrian who has developed a unique form of visually charged dance-theater built on the sensuous experience of the body as landscape and source for movement, image and voice. Her work with her company Paula Josa-Jones/Performance Works includes theatrical choreography for humans, inter-species work with horses, dancers and riders, and work in film and video. Paula has worked with Pauline Oliveros for twenty years, and created three performance works featuring Pauline's music, including "Skin"  (1990), "Ghostdance" (1996), and "Antigone's Dream" (1999).  Deep Listening is an integral part of Paula's practice and teaching. 

After two decades of creating theatrical works for humans, in 1998, Paula returned to riding and her childhood love of horses, and created an inter-species company with horses, dancers and riders. She has devoted herself to the study of dressage and areas of horse training and care including TTouch and Clicker Training, and is committed to an embodied and intuitive approach to the human-horse bond.  In 2001 she premiered RIDE©, a groundbreaking work of equestrian dance theater, which continues to develop in performance and film.

Paula is the director  of EMBODIED HORSEMANSHIP® which uses somatic movement practices, including Laban Movement Analysis/Bartenieff Fundamentals, Tellington TTEAM/TTouch®, Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais to bring a quality of emotional, physical and mental balance and expressivity into our relationships with our horses and humans. She teaches improvisation, creative process and Performing Wide Awake for performance artists in all genres. She has taught in the dance programs at Tufts University, Boston University and at universities, colleges and dance festivals nationally and internationally. Her writings on movement and dance have been published in Contact Quarterly. Paula is currently writing Horse Dreams, a book on her work with horses.  She  competes and performs and plays with her Andalusians Amadeo and Capprichio.