Deep Listening Artists

Artists that are involved with the activities of the Deep Listening Institute, Ltd. are listed here.  Some are Deep Listening Certificate Holders, some have been associated with other programs and performances of the Institute.


Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer
Tomie Hahn Director
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Janet Hammock

Janet Hammock, composer and pianist, was born in 1942 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She holds an Artist Diploma from the University of Toronto, and both Master and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees from Yale University. She has studied music at the Banff School of Fine Arts, in New York City on a Canada Council Grant, and at the Yale Summer School of Music and Art in Norfolk, Connecticut. Her performances of solo and collaborative piano music have been presented across Canada, in the United States, and in Europe. She has often commissioned other Canadian composers, including, most recently, Michael Miller, Ann Southam and Alasdair MacLean, to write works for her to premiere. Her recitals have been broadcast by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and by Radio Canada.

After teaching at the university level for 31 years, Janet took an early retirement in 2001 and was appointed Professor Emeritus of Music at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada. Recent performances have included several imaginative collaborative recitals of poetry and piano music with colleague Dr. Robert Lapp: The Sights and Sounds of Childhood and Celebrating the Romantic Spirit in Poetry and Music. Together with Lapp she presented a paper entitled Performing Byron: Alongside Liszt, Chopin and Keats at the 2004 International Byron Conference: Byron and the Romantic Sublime. They are currently developing a series of performances and lectures designed to illuminate the nocturne in 19th and 20th century piano music, poetry and painting. Nocturne performances are planned Eastern Canada and the United States between August 2007 and April 2008.

Pauline Oliveros has long been an influence on Janet's creative work since their first meeting in the mid-60's. Since that time, she has taken workshops with Oliveros in Newfoundland while at Sound Symposium, and completed three Deep Listening Retreats with Oliveros, Ione, and Heloise Gold at Rose Mountain, New Mexico. After becoming a Certified Deep Listening practitioner, Janet created and taught a university course designed for both music and non-music majors - Sonic Explorations - rooted in the practice of Deep Listening. Her teaching also opens “earlids” through the use of innovative listening exercises developed by the world-renowned Canadian acoustic ecologist, educator and composer, R. Murray Schafer. In her lectures, demonstrations and workshops Janet skillfully adapts listening strategies to specific groups of individuals in various professions and life stages. Most recently, in July 2006 at New Brunswick’s Festival by the Marsh, teens and adults participated together in her DL workshop whimsically titled Sirius Listening in the Year of the Dog! She has been invited to conduct two Deep Listening sessions in May, 2008 at Podium 2008, Choral Waves - Ondes Chorales, the national conference of the Association of Canadian Choral Conductors.


R.I.P. Hayman

Hayman composes and performs music with voice, instruments, electronics and effects for concert, theater, dance, media events, film and video. Born in 1951 in New Mexico, Hayman studied at Columbia University and with John Cage, Chou Wen-chung, Peter Kotik and Philip Corner. His works have been presented in venues across the Americas, Europe and Asia. He has many broadcast credits and his writings have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies. He was a founding senior editor of Ear Magazine of new music. He is also sinologist and consultant in Chinese cultural affairs.


Jaclyn Heyen, M.M.

Assistant to the Directory of AUMI

Jaclyn Heyen earned her Master of Music Technology at Florida International University. Her research focuses on the use of music technology within a therapeutic environment. This interest informs much of her creative work, which often utilizes unique ways of working with music technology that involve motion tracking and/or unique interfaces such as an audio controller built out of the body of a scooter. She also has a deep interest in the soundscape and soundwall, how one listens and defines them selves through noise.

Her pieces have been performed at many festivals, conferences and concerts including Subtropics 20 and FTM10. Her articles have been published in the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) Proceedings and Making Waves Journal.


Brenda Hutchinson

Brenda Hutchinson is a composer and sound artist whose work is based on the cultivation and encouragement of openness in her own life and in those she works with. Hutchinson encourages participants to experiment with sound, share stories, and make music. Brenda also improvises on a 9 1/2 foot tube with a gestural interface she designed. She has been an artist in residence at San Quentin Prison, Headlands Center for the Arts, Harvestworks, Exploratorium, Ucross and Djerassi. She is the recipient of the Gracie Allen Award from American Women in Radio and Television and has received support from the NEA, Lila Wallace, McKnight Foundation, and NYSCA and Meet the Composer among others. Recordings of her work are available through TELLUS, Deep Listening, O.O. DISCS, Frog Peak Music and Leonardo Music Magazine. Brenda will drive cross-country for any reason.

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