Deep Listening Requirements FAQ

What are Deep Listening exercises?

Deep Listening exercises come from pieces composed by Pauline Oliveros such as Sonic Meditations and Deep Listening Pieces. Others have written many such pieces and exercises.

What sound are you hearing now? How are you listening to this sound?


Take a walk at night. Walk so softly that the soles of your feet become ears.


What is a proposal for the Deep Listening Certificate?

Each candidate writes a proposal for home study that integrates his/her own interests with Deep Listening Practices learned in Study Groups and Intensives.


What are quarterly reports?

Each certificate candidate is required to report in summary on what they are doing with integrating Deep Listening with their own projects or programs of study once per quarter during the year.


What is a Listening Journal?

Noting in writing what you are hearing and how you are listening. These notations can be anything from a few words to mini-essays. Listening also includes listening through the body and listening in dreams.


What is Skype?

SKYPE is a free Voice Over Internet application that works on MAC or PC to connect point to point for video conference and point to many points for audio only connections. 


What is iCHATav?

ICHATav is a audio/video conferencing system that works on MAC computers. Up to 4 people can be hosted for a video conference.


What is Deep Listening®?

The ® denotes a legal registration of Deep Listening as a service mark.. This means that Deep Listening is a protected logo – an identity that can’t be used by others without permission of the Deep Listening Institute, Ltd.


What is a service mark?

A service mark is like a trade mark that is used by non-profit organizations.


What is a license fee?

A license fee is a negotiable payment for the use of a logo.


What is a logo?

The words "Deep Listening" are a logo of the Deep Listening Institute, Ltd.


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