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Participate in DEEPL – a discussion group that extends the experience of Deep Listening by providing opportunity for dialogue with other participants. To join DEEPL via the internet, visit DEEPL Google Groups

Deep Listening Study Group

Certified Certificate Holders

Ximena Alarcon, London, UK
Laura Biagi, Siena, Italy
Thomas Bickley, Berkeley CA
Anne Bourne, Toronto ON, Canada
Monique Buzzarté, New York NY
Raylene Campbell, Montreal QC, Canada
Abbie Conant, Trossingen Germany
Viv Corringham, New York NY/ London UK
Caterina De Re, Seattle WA
Stuart Dempster, Seattle WA
David Dove, Houston TX
Heloise Gold, Austin TX
Dr. Janet Hammock, Sackville NB, Canada
Marc Jensen, Norman OK
Lisa Barnard Kelley, Kingston NY
Kathy Kennedy, Lethbridge AB, Canada

Jay Kreimer, Lincoln NE
Elaine Lillios, Bowling Green OH
Stephanie Loveless, Albany NY/Westmount QC, Canada
Norman Lowrey, Morris Plains NJ
George Marsh, Rohnert Park CA
Dominique Mazeaud, Santa Fe NM
Kim McCarthy, Chicago IL
Brigitte Meyer, St Gallen, Switzerland
Shannon Morrow, Durham NC
Michelle Nagai, Princeton NJ
Vonn New, Hyde Park NY
Kristin Norderval, New York NY/ Oslo Norway
Carole Rogentine, Bethesda MD
Margaret Schedel, Sound Beach NY
Margrit Schenker, Zurich Switzerland
Bill Stevens, Santa Clara CA/Raleigh NC
Sharon Stewart, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Will Swofford Cameron, Brooklyn NY
Sean Taylor, Limerick, Ireland
Suzanne Thorpe, San Diego CA/
 Brooklyn NY
Phala Tracy, Minneapolis MN
Doug Van Nort, Toronto ON
Angelique Van Berlo, Campbellville ON, Canada
Katharina von Rütte, Basel Switzerland
Sarah Weaver, New York NY
Julia White, Chatsworth ON, Canada
Gayle Young, Grimsby ON, Canada
Jennifer Wilsey, Rohnert Park, CA
Christine Zehnder-Probst, Raeterschen Switzerland

Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer
Tomie Hahn Director
hahnt "at"