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Johannes Welsch

Johannes Welsch is the proprietor of the Dunrobin Sonic Gym, a professional facility in Ottawa devoted to the experience, study and production of sound. A critical thinker, performing artist and music producer his artwork and ideas have been featured on radio programs around the world. He has been a drummer from early childhood and for two decades has been offering performances featuring one of the world's largest collections of fine gongs currently on permanent display at the Dunrobin Sonic Gym where he has performed with artists such as David Mott, Pauline Oliveros and Jesse Stewart. Johannes studied economics at the University of Miami and received his doctorate in Management from IESE, the University of Navarra's Graduate School of Management. In 1991 he was the recipient of the "Best Doctoral Dissertation Award" by the American Family Firm Institute (FFI). His early research which applied social systems analysis to transitional processes in large industrial family firms has been published in academic journals and covered by national media in Europe. His lectures on organizational dynamics have been attended by managers of some of the world's largest organizations. Johannes has taught and/or held research positions at IESE in Barcelona, IMD in Lausanne, The German Management Institute (USW) at Gracht Castle in Germany, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome.

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Julia White

Julia White is a visual artist who is passionate about the power of creativity to heal and transform us, both personally and globally. Her most recent work, for example, Threads of Peace was initiated out of a need to reconnect with her own inner peace. Julia spends each day with her children, ages 1 and 2; a rich and wonderful experience! However, when friends would ask how she was coping, she would often reply, "I am holding a thread." Listening to herself, she realized- this thread was peace. So, with thread in hand, Julia embarked upon a new creative journey, where art is ritual and peace...she discovered, is within.

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Brian Willson

Brian Willson has traveled from rock and roll to jazz to club dates to oldies bands to Broadway shows to contemporary music. He is an accomplished performer in both the jazz and classical worlds, and an ardent improviser. After touring the world as percussionist and musical director with several Broadway shows he has dedicated his musical pursuits to jazz drumming, improvisation, conducting contemporary music, and performing and touring as Assistant Conductor with the Brooklyn College Percussion Ensemble. He recently recorded a series of duets with Pauline Oliveros, AS IT IS and a DVD of improvised music called JUST PLAYIN', to be broadcast on CUNY TV. He is co-leader of a straight ahead jazz quartet, The Salim Washington-Brian Willson Quartet. Mr. Willson began improvising circa 1977 after hearing Sun Ra and his Arkestra in Chicago.

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Danielle Woerner

Soprano, Danielle Woerner, a performer, recording artist and voice teacher, Danielle commands an impressively broad repertoire of music, from classical and operatic to jazz, popular, folk, world music and musical theater, spanning the middle ages to the present day. She consistently delights audiences with her beautiful voice, artful singing and powerful stage presence.

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