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Vonn New

Vonn New is a composer/performer who uses percussion, flutes, field recordings and computer processing to create sonic playgrounds for herself and others. Based in Hyde Park NY, she is engaged using music and listening in Quaker ministry to promote peacebuilding and the expression of joy as a response to violence.  

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Kristin Norderval

Kristin Norderval is a classically trained singer, improviser, and composer. Profiled by The New York Times in "Downtown Divas Expand their Horizons" and hailed as one of "new music's best" by the Village Voice, she performs a repertoire that spans the renaissance to the avant-garde. Both as a composer and as a performer Ms. Norderval has specialized in developing new works for voice and chamber ensembles, with special emphasis on small scale opera, multi-media, cross-disciplinary work, and works with interactive technology. Her collaborations have included work with choreographers, sculptors, filmmakers and installation artists as well as numerous new music ensembles. Commissions have included works for Den Anden Opera in Copenhagen, the Bucharest International Dance Festival in Romania, and jill sigman/thinkdance in New York City. She was the recipient of a Norwegian State Artist’s Stipend (Statens kunstnerstipend) in 2004 and 2005 for the development of new multi-disciplinary work, the American Music Center’s Henry Cowell Award in 2005, and the Jerome Composer's Commissioning Program in 2006. Upcoming commissions include works for the Parthenia viol consort and a multi-media work for DVD for the composer consortium "Sounding Out". Norderval's credits as a soloist include performances with the Netherlands Dance Theater, the San Francisco Symphony, the Oslo Sinfonietta and the Philip Glass Ensemble. She has recorded for CRI, Nonesuch, Mode, Deep Listening, Eurydice, Aurora and Point records. Norderval is currently a research fellow at Østfold University College in Norway.

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Kristin Norderval, voice
Monique Buzzarté, trombone

Zanana is a collaborative duo featuring Kristin Norderval, voice and Monique Buzzarté ,trombone, performing improvised music blending acoustic sounds, electronics and live processing. We compose and perform collaboratively using improvisation as the foundation of our compositional process. Some works are free improvisations, some are structured improvisations, and some are composed with aleatoric elements. Our intent is to create sonic transformations of both our acoustic playing and unusual ambient/industrial/site-specific sounds.

For live processing we each use Macintosh laptop computers running Max/MSP. For most engagements we bring our own equipment, including hemispherical/spherical speakers, mixers, microphones, mic stands, and the like. However, specific technical needs vary depending on the venue and the program being performed.

Our duo takes its name ("zah-NAH-nah") from a variant spelling of "zenana," a Persian term originating from zan or "woman". 

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New Circle Five

Monique Buzzarté, trombone Rosi Hertlein, violin and voice Susie Ibarra, percussion Pauline Oliveros, accordion Kristin Norderval, soprano Spanning three generations, New Circle Five is an acoustic improvising contemporary music ensemble. Diverse musical backgrounds result in unique twists as the five explore the one-time only sonic environment of collective creative improvisations. The New Circle Five grew from an invitation Susie extended to Pauline to join her for a duo concert; the duo concept quickly grew to a quintet and the resulting New Circle Five gave its premiere performance at the Tonic in New York City on April 3, 1999. Guests of New Circle Five have included Barbara Barg, spoken word, Abbie Conant, trombone, IONE, spoken word, Jackie Pickett, bass, and Leaf Miller, percussion.

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