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Elise Kermani

In her performances, Elise Kermani combines sound poetry with real and imagined words, extended voice with live electronic processing and movement, many times to create a "warm" technology. Her most current work revolves around a handful of women characters, each displaying a separate range of human emotion through the mythical stories they tell with their bodies and voices in an abstract yet clear supernatural language. Kermani performs solo or in collaboration with video artists, computer programmers and designers to stage her multi-disciplinary works. She is also a creative force in the new music ensemble Trousers. For Kermani, we. as artists, "must strive to be scientists by discovering a new world and a new language. We have a social responsibility to incorporate the use of new technology into our work, just as modern science, business and education has - not as a defensive reaction to our changing technology, but as an integrated leader."

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Connie Kieltyka

A sound artist and technical engineer, Kieltyka has worked as chief engineer and production consultant with a wide variety of artists on film, album, radio and theater projects. She has composed radio sound art pieces for New American Radio in 1988 and 1989. Kieltyka teaches sound theory and audio production for film at the School of Visual Arts, engineers and produces soundtracks for video artists at Studio Pass, NYC, is Sound Designer for Squat Theater in the US and Europe and is a freelance sound engineer.

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Richard Kostelanetz

Born in 1940 in New York, Kostelanetz has published many books of poetry, fiction, criticism and cultural history , including John Cage (1970), Conversing With Cage (1988), On Innovative Music(ian)s (1989). Merce Cunningham (1992), Writing about Cage (1993), John Cage: Writer(1993) and A Dictionary of the Avante-Garde (1993). He recently edited Nicholas Slonimsky: The First 100 Years (1994) and A Portable Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians (1995). He has been working with audio since 1975, video since 1976, film since 1977, holography since 1978, and his personal computer since 1982. His audio tapes and audio-videotapes have been broadcast and exhibited around the world.

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