We are all Dreamers!

“I am interested in fostering a Dream Community. Dreams are our deepest source of creativity and dreams are always truthful about our feelings. Since all humans and most animals dream, sharing dreams and dream creations can help dissolve the cultural and class demarcations that keep us separate from one another. Dream awareness can help us lead more authentic lives. “
- Ione

The Dream Festival is an international celebration of dreams and dreamers curated by Kingston based author and dream facilitator Ione. Going on its 15th year, this global community event includes artwork, performances and workshops by world-class artists, everyday dreamers and inspired beings.

Ione’s 15th Annual Dream Festival
October 1 - November 30, 2010
Calendar of Events

Saturday, October 2 - Dream Festival Opening - 11 am - 5 pm ASK Open Studio Tour.
Dream Action Theater - 4 pm.   Broadcast live on our channel and projected into Brooklyn.

5-8 pm - Reception for Dancing Wu Wei by composer/artist Ron Herrema.  
Deep Listening Space, 77 Cornell St, Suite 303, Kingston NY

Dream Stream Festival
October 18 - November 18
, 2010

An online festival of mini-performances of up to 20 minutes long broadcasting live from different locations around the world to Deep Listening Institute's homepage
Calendar of Performances

October 7 - December 4 - Shadow-walks with Dream Festival Artist In Residence Viv Corringham.  Shadow-walks which is an ongoing project, which involves three main elements: walking with others, listening to environmental sound, and improvised singing.

    October 7 at 7 pm- Talk with artist at Deep Listening Space:   Open to the public and volunteers.

October 9 - Launching Shadow-walks in Kingston locations TBD  
December 4, 5-8 pm - Opening Reception for Shadow-walks sound installation

All Day Events at Deep Listening Space in Kingston NY

Saturday, October 9, 2-6 pm- Marathon of Dreamers - short presentations throughout the day ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. Deep Listening Space, 77 Cornell St, Suite 303, Kingston NY

Saturday, October 9 at  8 pm  - First & Oliveros: EGuitar & V Accordion.  Concert with Pauline Oliveros & David First.  Deep Listening Space, 77 Cornell St, Suite 303, Kingston NY

Sunday, October 10, 12-7 -  7 Hour Glandathon with Linda Mary Montano,
A Dream Festival collaboration with 0+Festival.   334 Wall St, Kingston NY

LINDA MARY MONTANO: IN MOVEMENT FOR 7 HOURS. Montano who has a movement disorder, will take this opportunity to heal by moving continuously while blindfolded. Now, a practicing Roman Catholic, Montano who completed a 14 year exploration of the 7 CHAKRAS, now studies the 7 SACRAMENTS and 7 GLANDS.
LISA BARNARD KELLEY: MASTER OF CEREMONIES FOR 7 HOURS: Lisa will orchestrate/time the performance and sonically introduce each gland with an improvised song.

12 NOON-1PM: SUSUN WEED: OVARIES/TESTES. Weed has recently finished her book about the ovaries and will share her wisdom concerning this gland while blindfolded.
1PM-2PM: ZACHERY HUMISTON: PANCREAS: Humiston has gland information from many cultures and medical/spiritual disciplines which he will share while blindfolded.
2pm-3pm: DR. ART CHANDLER: ADRENALS: DR. Chandler will enliven the adrenals while blindfolded.
3PM-4PM: BARBARA BASH: THYMUS: Bash will share her insights about compassion, non-violence and the heart while blindfolded.
4PM-5PM: BONNIE SMITH: THYROID: Smith will share her knowledge of hypothyroidism while blindfolded.
5PM-6PM: DR. MARC GROSSMAN: PINEAL: Dr.Grossman will explore the psychology of seeing while blindfolded.
6PM-7PM: LIN LERNER: PITUITARY: Lerner will share Tibetan visualizations of happiness for all while blindfolded.

Photo:  Andrew Westphal

Saturday, October 16 - 5 pm EST - 9 am EST - Virtual Dreaming; A World-Wide Overnight Concert for Dreaming Avatars in Second Life with Norman Lowrey, members of the AOM Orchestra and invited avatars.  Second Life location TBA.


October 27 at 8 pm - Big Mother is Watching You; Concert with Pauline Oliveros.  
Part of the AKOUSMA concert series presented by Reseaux at Monument-National’s ‘Studio Hydro-Quebec’ in Montreal, Canada. 

October 30, 10:30 am - 1 pm - Kids Dream Art Workshop  with Sadee Brathwaite.  
Kingston Library, 55 Franklin St, Kingston NY.  Free. 

A free kids art workshop for ages 4-12 have the opportunity to create fun fancifully eccentric dream art utilizing kid friendly materials. Just in time for Halloween, kids can use their imagination to create a fantastical dream persona or landscape. This workshop is free and facilitated by artist Sadee Brathwaite of La Leona Arts.

November 5 at 7:30 pm  - Elaine Summers’  SkyTime/SkyDance  Sun, Moon & Stars Improvisation.  An Intermedia performance.  Emily Harvey Foundation, 537 Broadway, NYC, NY

Elaine Summers presents her SKYDANCE/SKYTIME/SKYWEB - IMPROVIZATION FOR SUN+MOON+STARS which features Kiori Kawai solo dancing with multiple projections of evening sky and stars. In continuation of the developing evolution of SKYDANCE/SKYTIME/SKYWEB, and as a transection of a multiplicity of times and places, Körtvélyessy will be joining this stage of the ongoing performance via satellite from Rotterdam Holland. It will be at Emily Harvey Foundation (537 Broadway #2) on Nov.5, 7:30 pm.

WHEN: 7:30 PM, NOVEMBER 5, 2010


Saturday, November 6, 1-3 pm EST - Dreams, Magic and Eternity with Ione and special guest Lisa B Kelley. Introduction to the Ongoing Series, the first of 4 Quarterly Workshops.  Dreams are our deepest source of creativity, in addition to being a portal for the magic and mysteries of inner-dimensional life.  Ancient Egyptian systems which influenced Greece and beyond connect us to our own messages of wisdom.  Timeless structures handed down through the ages assist us in the practice of surfing streams of eternity.  We will explore Egyptian and Greek incubating techniques and evoke Magical Dream spells.  We will use our journals and notebooks to track past, current and future dreaming.  During and between our ongoing classes, we will create dream-inspired poetry, paintings and other art.  All lectures have real time chat line and email Q & A with facilitators.  Tuition $35.  Co-presented by the Ministry of Maat, Inc 

November 6,
5-8.pm - Opening Reception for New Zealand, New work by Julia Santos Solomon.  Deep Listening Space, 77 Cornell St, Suite 303, Kingston NY.

November 13 - Body is Listening for V accordion; Concert with Pauline Oliveros.  
Presented by in famous.  Pompidou Center auditorium, Paris. 

December 4, 5-8 pm - Opening Reception for Shadow-walks sound installation by artist Viv Corringham.  Deep Listening Space, 77 Cornell St, Suite 303, Kingston, NY.

Most of this year’s events take place at Deep Listening Institute’s new Deep Listening Space @ the Shirt Factory on Cornell Street in midtown Kingston, NY. In addition to Kingston, events are planned in New Paltz, Manhattan, and through the internet with co-located telematic events in Argentina, Barcelona, The Netherlands and Second Life. All events will be broadcast via live webstream on Deep Listening Institute’s channel at ustreamtv.com.  This annual festival continues to expand every year with participants from around the world creating dream boxes to contain the dreams of their communities and hosting dream circles where meaningful dialogue can take place in a supportive environment.

For the past two years Ione has been hosting an International Dreamers’ Blog with dreamers world-wide. The Dreamers’ Blog is a blog invitational wherein dreamers share and respond to each others dreams. Ione states, “I am interested in fostering a Dream Community. Dreams are our deepest source of creativity and dreams are always truthful about our feelings. Since all humans and most animals dream, sharing dreams and dream creations can help dissolve the cultural and class demarcations that keep us separate from one another. Dream awareness can help us lead more authentic lives.“

Ione's Dream Festival is for Dreamers

Dreamers have the opportunity to participate by attending one of our events throughout the month, contributing a dream via a dream box or Ione’s Dream Sack , and performing their dreams in Dream Action Theater, spontaneous improvisations of dreams.


Dream Festival on the Web!

Each year the Festival has an international presence via IONE'S DREAM SACK on the internet, a website which constantly receives dreams from participants throughout the world.

This year we're hosting mini-performances from artists via our ustreamtv channel "Deep Listening presents."  These short performances of 5-15 minutes each will be broadcast live and will be available in our archive of broadcasts.  Six dates have been designated for all-day performances on our channel.  Stay tuned for more information.

DREAM BOXES - Contribute a dream!
Caja de Sueño - contribuir un sueño!


Traditionally Dream Boxes- fanciful containers that are receptacles for dreams-are placed at Dream Depots (Deep Listening Space, cafés, galleries, and other public locations throughout the city.) The boxes are created by dreamers of all ages from pre-schoolers to High School students to mature artists.  Dreamers are encouraged to contribute a dream to the boxes. These can be contributed anonymously or with a special Dream Name depending on the dreamer’s wishes.  Prior to the Dream Marathon, the Dream boxes are brought to the Deep Listening Institute where the dreams are handled gently. Some are picked at random and read or performed during the month’s events.  Eventually the dreams are posted on Ione’s Website.

If you have questions or want to drop a box off, please call Lisa at 845-338-5984



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