Sound Sculpting and Deep Listening Through Electronics
Pre-Conference Deep Listening Workshop with Doug Van Nort

July 9-11, 2013
Everyday 10am-5pm

Location:  Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC) in Troy, NY

Cost:  $250

In this workshop, participants engage in Deep Listening practice, in conjunction with collaborative creation exercises that utilize analog and digital electronics.  The goal is to enhance listening and creativity through a mixture of bodywork, breathing/sounding/listening exercises, as well as the use of electronics as a medium for the collective listening and sounding experiences.  The workshop thus leverages Van Nort's unique take on Deep Listening practice that is informed by his life as a practitioner of electroacoustic composition/improvisation and sound-focused art/research.


  • There will not be a heavy focus on a technical how-to, but rather on the use of electronics as a means to focus Deep Listening practice.  In this process, the instructor will show everyone how to do essential technical things and talk a bit about sound itself and sound transformation/manipulation.
  • There will be a focus on Deep Listening exercises and listening-oriented experiences, with some time spent on manual engagement with electronics (transducers, cables, sound editing/manipulation software) in order to mediate the experiential activities.
  • Participants should bring a laptop and headphones, with any sound software you might currently work with.  It is a bonus if you could bring a hand-held recording device.  Otherwise these will be provided.
  • Registration covers the cost of buying the raw materials related to electronics, and people will be able to take home an electronic speaker-object, if they desire.
  • Pauline Oliveros will be a guest visitor during the course of the workshop.
  • We will create an installation work that will be on display during the Deep Listening:  Art/Science Conference (July 12-14)
  • Participation in this workshop will count towards Deep Listening Certification.

Additional Notes:

  • The workshop will break for lunch, which will be available at EMPAC's Evelyn Cafe.
  • Light breakfast and coffee is included with registration.
  • Inexpensive campus housing is available.  Reduced rates are available for the entire week's stay (Workshop and Conference).  
    See Travel/Lodging Information.

Doug Van Nort is an experimental musician and sound artist/researcher whose work is dedicated to the creation of immersive and visceral sonic experiences, and to personal and collective creative expression through composition, free improvisation and generally electro-acoustic means of production. His instruments are custom-built systems that explore a sculptural approach to working with sound, and improvisation in partnership with machine processes. His source materials include any and all sounds discovered through attentive listening to the world. Recordings of Van Nort's music can be found on Deep Listening, Pogus and Zeromoon among other experimental music labels, and his writing has recently appeared in Organised Sound, the Leonardo Music Journal, Kybernetes and the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. He regularly performs and presents his work, and is a member of several ensembles including Triple Point with Pauline Oliveros and Jonas Braasch, and the Composers Inside Electronics. Van Nort's background includes studies in mathematics, media arts, electronic music, performance and computer music research. He is a Deep Listening Certificate holder, and regularly presents workshops, performances, courses and lectures that are a synthesis of this set of experiences and influences.


Deep Listening has been developed by Pauline Oliveros over the past 40 years as a way to enhance attention, listening and creativity for all. To this end it draws upon a wide variety of embodied practices as well as theories of cognitive science, and has been applied to a variety of fields. This includes pedagogy across all levels of education, creative arts therapy, the realization of new creative works, developing new performance paradigms across abilities and the pairing with new technologies to advance all of these fronts and more.

Deep Listening: Art/Science invites practitioners and scholars to consider the experience of this practice and its use in creation, communication, improvisation, design and education. This conference equally invites scientific and philosophical discussions that describe the efficacy of the approach or point towards new directions or applications of Deep Listening.

Call for Submissions Deadline: April 1, 2013
Community Course: July 1-12, 2013
Conference: July 12-14, 2013

For additional information and early submissions please contact Conference Director Doug Van Nort at